About Anaplan

Anaplan is a public, U.S.-headquartered company that provides a cloud-based EPM platform on which customers can build a wide range of enterprise planning applications. Anaplan has customers in consumer and industrial products, food and beverage, discrete and process manufacturing, and retail industries. More than 1,700 organizations, across industries, use Anaplan around the world.

Anaplan supports Financial Planning and Forecasting, Marketing and Sales Planning, Operations Planning, Workforce Planning, and Supply Chain Planning. Keansa has an experienced team of Certified Anaplan Modelers who can help you build robust solutions on Anaplan and extend them as business evolves.

Anaplan Use Cases

Most customers deploy Anaplan solutions for operational alignment with strategic and financial plans. Anaplan leverages advanced analytics along with collaborative planning tools for global planning support, financial impact analysis, performance management and decision support. Major areas of emphasis are:

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

Analytics and Performance Management

Sales Forecasting and Planning

Sales Performance Management

Supply Chain Planning

Sales & Operations Planning

Operational Planning including Workforce Planning, Sourcing and IT

Anaplan Advantages


Multi-source business data required for making business decisions using an Enterprise Data Hub.


Flexible models that represent your true business requirements, use cases and scenarios.


Multiple models to a single unified planning system using business process       flows.


Web, Mobile and Excel interfaces depending on user needs and preferences


Across your organization for a seamless, easy to use, planning experience


To hundreds of users with little effort over a robust and reliable technology platform.

Anaplan Technology

Anaplan is a pure Cloud-Based platform that is quick to set up and easy to maintain for long term.

Anaplan’s patented Hyperblock® technology stores multi-dimensional data at valid intersections and processes only the relevant cells,
dramatically reducing calculation time.

Highly flexible data modelling capabilities that adapt to business specific data and processes.

Improves data integration quality by enabling Hub-Spoke type Data architectures.

Excellent data visualisation of business data for improved performance review.

Reduces IT costs and data accuracy issues by eliminating spreadsheets and connecting multiple planning functions on one common

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