Anaplan is a leading platform for Integrated Business Planning and Analytics with a rich set of apps for Enterprise Performance Management functions, including Finance, Sales, Supply Chain and Operations, Marketing, HR, and IT. Keansa’s Anaplan Certified Modelers help our customers to develop robust EPM business models on top of Anaplan Platform in very quick time and also train their Business Users to manage their models in the long run.

Why Anaplan?

  • Cloud based technology that is quick to set up and easy to maintain for long term.
  • Highly flexible data modelling capabilities to adapt to your business specific data and processes.
  • Enables long term and short-term planning and planning at Corporate and Segment levels.
  • Presents data and metrics at different dimensions of your business in real time for improved performance review.
  • Improves awareness of future business growth outcomes by leveraging predictive analytics and “what-if” scenario analysis.
  • Reduces IT costs and data accuracy issues by eliminating spreadsheets and connecting multiple planning functions on one common platform.
  • Improves data integration quality by enabling Hub-Spoke type Data architectures.

What Keansa Offers

  • Solution Consulting
  • Design and Data Modelling
  • Implementation and Model Building
  • Anaplan Training to Business Users
  • Testing and Data Migration
  • Support and Maintenance
  • CoE Setup

Why Keansa

Talent Pool

Keansa has an experienced team of qualified Anaplan Certified Modelers. The team constantly upgrades their Anaplan skills and is equipped with the latest and greatest from Anaplan.

Domain Expertise

Keansa has highly experienced Subject Matter Experts specializing in Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Integrated S&OP and Financial Planning functional areas across Hi-Tec, Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Biotech, Food and Beverage industries.

Agile Delivery

Keansa team is trained in the Anaplan Way of agile implementation. Keansa can manage the entire Anaplan implementation responsibility, from requirements definition and architecture through to model development and business user support.

Partnership Approach

At Keansa, we look at long term customer success all through the project. We suggest to our customers the best practices we have learnt over multiple implementations, so that they can bring in Anaplan to their own organizations in the best possible way and derive value from their effort over a long horizon.




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