Taking a second look at SC Planning Rules in a world of SC Disruptions

Dated : Aug 22, 2022 You have been in the business world for many years, or maybe you just graduated – either way, you are now an expert with all the “rules” that will help you put together the perfect Supply Chain. Enter the year 2022. Suddenly, your business is in trouble. Your raw materials [...]

Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain Systems

Dated : July 6, 2020 As Bill Gates had foreseen, and rightly so, a certain Microbes are the cause for the global catastrophe we are in now ! And in the frontline of this battle is our Healthcare Sector. Now more than ever, we feel the need to empower our Healthcare system to be prepared [...]

It’s Time To Vaccinate Your Supply Chain!

Dated : July 6, 2020 Supply chains across the globe have been disrupted. World economies are shrinking as nature gives out a stern message to mankind! Did any forecasting models pickup this unprecedented turbulence we are facing today(#COVID19)? While the information flows within Supply chains are intact, money and material flows are severely impacted. Certain [...]

Breaking Down Enterprise Application SILOS…

Dated : July 6, 2020 When we start any new business, it is logical to set up different departments so that there is enough focus on the respective business functions. As the organization grows, the manpower and processes in each department increase manifold. To support the specific needs of these departments, specialized IT tools are [...]

How Digitizing Changed an Unstructured Village Auction Market

Dated : October 3, 2018 In September 2016, we were at Chagantipadu village, about 30 miles from the city of Vijayawada in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh in India. It was about noon and we were noticing farmers lining up cartloads of banana bunches at the local auction market. There were bananas of different varieties, [...]

Improving seed production planning for African farmers

Dated : October 3, 2018 Last September, we were at Ethiopia and Uganda for an interesting assignment. We were helping the CGIAR scientists and staff to plan seed productions for new varieties of seeds that were developed specifically for African countries. African farmers grow various types of crops and each have numerous varieties suitable for [...]




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