Perishable Inventory Planning

A Major Food RetailerOver 200 company owned retail stores 200 Franchise Across USA Having ecommerce business Problem This customer has almost 400 store locations along with E-Commerce channels and carries more than 1000 products. Perishable food products require day level planning. Breaking down a top-down monthly budget to a daily level and updating the plan [...]

Customer Segmentation Strategy for Demand Management

A Premier Biomedical Device ManufacturerRevenue: USD 800 Million Problem Lack of timely visibility to demand forecasts across customer segments and product categories affected availability of products, timely introduction of new products, ramp down of older products and assessment of impact on inventory spread across the supply chain. Lack of clear demand picture posed difficulties in [...]

Demand Driven Component Planning

A Major Electronic Cigarettes Manufacturer300 different products, sold through regular channels Revenue: Around USD 2 Billion Problem This customer needed to move away from spreadsheets since poor data integrity led to inaccurate plans which caused increased costs and decreased customer service levels. Being dependent on Contract Manufacturing with long lead times, lack of internal and [...]

Store Level Demand Planning and Supply Alignment

A Leading Audio-Visual ManufacturerOver 6300 retail stores worldwide Vendors and online retailers for distribution & reselling Problem This customer has more than 6000 retail stores worldwide and also sells through online retailers and channels. They lacked visibility to what was selling through the stores and channels. Without proper visibility to store forecasts, it was difficult [...]

Patient Based Demand Forecasting and Financial Alignment

A Leading Global Pharmaceutical CompanyRevenue: 40 Billion USD Problem This global Pharma company required a worldwide, non-central, patient-based financial forecasting solution that is well-integrated end to end with various other systems. Their intention was to step away from typical siloed approach of forecasting, to make it more cross-functional and collaborative. They also required the ability [...]