Dell Boomi

Boomi delivers a unified, versatile enterprise-grade data integration platform, leveraging all advantages of the cloud. Boomi platform is designed for ease of use and high productivity. Boomi enables integrating on-premises and cloud application, various data sources and devices. Boomi breaks down data silos and creates a foundation for Enterprise Performance Management visions.

Why Boomi?

  • Accelerate Time to Value: Drag and drop UI, data mapping tools, and a comprehensive library of connectors, coupled with support for various integration patterns, you can build any integrations with exceptional speed.
  • Improve Productivity: Operational intelligence, reusable business logic, and data flow recommendations will simplify your integration process.
  • Tailor to Your Needs: Templates, process libraries, and custom scripting balance productivity and control, allowing your organization to be successful with any data connectivity business use case.

What Keansa Offers

Keansa Data Integration team can help you configure the following using Dell Boomi.

  • Data Quality Hub: Master data hub to synchronize and harmonize multi- source master and transactional data, so that organization has trusted data to make business decisions.
  • Exchange: B2B/EDI management for exchanging data inside and outside the enterprise.
  • Mediate: API design and management to expose underlying data as APIs for new generation Service based architectures.
  • Flow: App development and workflow automation to configure manual business processes to digital, automated processes with flexible business logic.

Why Keansa?

Talent Pool

Keansa has an experienced team of trained Dell Boomi Developers with integration experience for connecting cloud and on-premises applications. Keansa engineers are capable of configuring multiple data integration patterns between systems using industry leading protocols. Keansa developers can also write custom integration logic on top of the platform for more complex cases.

Trusted Delivery

Keansa can manage the end to end implementation responsibility, from data source and type definitions, data mapping, writing transformation rules and automating the data flow processes.

Partnership Approach

At Keansa, we look at long term customer success all through the project. We work with the customer’s team to ensure smooth implementation of Boomi solution across their business.




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