Jedox is a global provider of Corporate Performance Management software that streamlines Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting across Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Procurement, and other departments. Jedox helps to integrate a business’ financial plans with their operational plans and delivers insights to optimize processes, boost productivity, slash planning cycles throughout the organization.

Why Jedox?

  • Jedox helps you leverage the organization’s familiarity with Excel and at the same time elevates the business planning and reporting process.
  • Jedox provides a controlled, role-based access to a single source of truth through its business intelligence dashboards, using Excel, Web browser, and mobile devices.
  • Jedox is highly rated for its intuitive User Experience that enables self- service planning and creates insightful business analytics.
  • Jedox Marketplace helps to kick-start your planning solution with pre- built planning templates for Cost Center Planning, Sales Planning, HR Planning, Cashflows, P&L, Balance Sheet, and other standard Performance Reports.

What Keansa Offers

Keansa can offer a free assessment of Excel based planning processes in your organization and how you can convert them to enterprise-class applications using Jedox. During the Jedox implementation lifecycle, Keansa delivers the following:

  • Solution Design
  • Analytical Modelling
  • Data Integration
  • Testing
  • Support and Maintenance

Why Keansa

Talent Pool

Keansa has an experienced team of trained Jedox Modelers. The team constantly upgrades their skills and is equipped with the latest and greatest from Jedox.

Domain Expertise

Keansa has highly experienced Subject Matter Experts specializing in Budgeting and Financial Planning, Demand Planning, Supply Planning and Integrated S&OP areas across Hi-Tec, Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Biotech, Food and Beverage industries.

Trusted Delivery

Keansa team is trained in agile implementation. Keansa can manage the end to end implementation responsibility, from requirements definition and architecture through to model development and business user support.

Partnership Approach

At Keansa, we look at long term customer success all through the project. We suggest to our customers the best practices we have learnt over multiple implementations, so that they can bring in Jedox to their own organizations in the best possible way and derive value from their effort over a long horizon.




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