A Premier Biomedical Device Manufacturer

Revenue: USD 800 Million
  • Lack of timely visibility to Demand Forecast across Customer segments and Product Categories affected the availability of products, timely introduction of new products, ramp down of older products, and assessing the impact on inventory that is spread across the supply chain.
  • Lack of clear demand picture posed difficulties in planning for specialty materials that are critical for sourcing.
  • The solution created a baseline Statistical Forecast that was used to plan for Demand Planning
  • Created Product Lifecycle Planning for phasing in and phasing out of products with a clear view of the inventory picture.
  • Dependent Demand forecasting using BoM to feed into material sourcing.
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis to segregate strategic customers from others & define separate SLAs.
  • Aligned Supply chain forecast with Commercial & Financial Forecast
  • Define effective Service Level Policies and Inventory Targets for Customers based on their historical and forecasted sales, using the segmentation rules. This helped drive profitability keeping costs under check.
  • Make more informed decisions on timing new product introductions.
  • Could improve Supplier Coverage for specialty materials that helped procurement.