A Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Company

Revenue: USD 160 Million
  • Multiple entities within the holding group with different accounting systems, making the consolidation process and data collection very long
  • Different data storage system with various number treatment across the systems
  • Different accounting code across the entities, causing the matching process to be difficult and higher chance in error
  • Multiple currency data across different entities depending on their country operation
  • Streamlining the Accounting Code that applied to all the entities without changing the original accounting code
  • Mapping the accounting code from each entity to the Group Accounting Code
  • Create different data load to cater for different data treatment and stored in cloud with the same accounting system
  • Using Exchange rate at the consolidation level to display consolidated data in the same holding level currency
  • Mapped Group accounting code with multiple entities accounting code which is easy to maintain
  • Data load become 1 click button from each entity regardless of their data source
  • Consolidation done at higher level with better accuracy and faster turnover rate>/li>
  • Separate book from each entity can be reviewed before and after the consolidation / adjustment
  • At the entity level, data can be seen in both local & group currency based on the exchange rate provided