A Leading Consumer Goods Supply Chain Services Company

Revenue: USD 11.5 Billion
  • Multi-entity and multi-country data management
  • Limitation in creating multiple Scenario modelling to support decision making during complex situations
  • Inadequate collaboration between different groups of people to quickly and easily share information and make decisions.
  • Inadequate reporting platform that allows to track Business Performance against Plan.
  • Easy to configure data connectors which allowed the customer pull & push data from external systems.
  • Multiple Scenario modelling to understand profitability in various user defined cases (Best & Worst Case etc).
  • Configurable cost allocation logics to spread cost assumptions based on appropriate drivers
  • Improved role-based data access & workflows that support user collaboration across regions and functions without compromising on data security.
  • Dynamic reporting to stay aligned with performance of the business versus the plan.
  • Improved decision-making using advanced scenario tools and business rules
  • Lower dependency on IT for data aggregation and preparation
  • Improved global collaboration between teams