A Leading Global Consumer Goods Company

Revenue: USD 1.2 Billion
  • Need to restructure the entire planning system
  • The implementation of a bottom-up, top-down enterprise planning and performance management system.
  • The system should be capable to deliver optimal service quality to the customers at the lowest possible supply chain costs.
  • Because of the large number of SKUs in the organization, it is challenged with producing SKU-level margin analysis and forecasts.
  • The ultimate goal is the integration between Finance, Demand Review, Supply Review, and eventually S&OP
  • Sales Forecasting – – Top-Down and Bottom-up planning by SBU, Brands, Region, and Channel.
  • Budgeting – Annual and Quarterly planning process including Volumes, Pricing, Discounts, Marketing Spends, Material Costing, and margin calculations, and respective scenarios
  • Reporting – Key KPI reporting based on Role and Business Hierarchy, Variance Analysis, and P&L, BS, and CF in standard formats
  • Data Integration – – Loading of business masters and transactional files in the Jedox EPM system from sources as required to support all functional scope.
  • Improved collaboration between the global and local verticals
  • Simplified and unified planning, forecasting, and reporting
  • Reduction of manual error while assembling data from multiple Excel sheets from multiple sources.
  • Improved cost modeling and gross margin analysis
  • Improved decision-making using advanced scenario tools and business rules