A Global Dermo Cosmetic Company

Revenue: USD 300 Million
  • Client wanted to implement a financial planning and budgeting solution that can help the financial team’s ineffective planning and analysis
  • This system is to increase financial efficiency, improve planning accuracy, and speed-up decision-making on any arising issues based on different simulated quantifiable data.
  • This implementation is a bottom-up, top-down enterprise planning and performance management system.
  • The system should be capable to deliver optimal service quality to the customers at the lowest possible supply chain costs.
  • Sales Forecasting – Sell out and Sell in Value to calculate the SKU level by month, brand, range, and country using Quantity and Volume as drivers.
  • Budgeting – Annual and Quarterly planning process including Volumes, Pricing, Discounts, Marketing Spends, Material Costing, margin calculations, and respective scenarios
  • Reporting – Automate Monthly, Quarterly, Year to Date, and Annual Reports in user-friendly formats. Dashboard, Charts for real-time analysis, and Variance Analysis.
  • Data Integration – Source data from the files shall be imported to Jedox to support all functional scope.
  • Improved decision-making using advanced scenario tools and business rules
  • Lower dependency on IT for data aggregation and preparation
  • Simplified and unified planning, forecasting and reporting process
  • Fewer occurrences of manual error while assembling data from multiple Excel sheets from multiple sources.
  • Improved cost modelling and gross margin analysis