A Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

Revenue: 40 Billion USD
  • This global Pharma company required a worldwide, non-central, patient-based financial forecasting solution that is well-integrated end to end with various other systems. Their intention was to step away from typical siloed approach of forecasting, to make it more cross-functional and collaborative.
  • They also required the ability to model forecasts from a driver-based perspective, linking it to patient data and driving superior decision-making.
  • To avoid Cross Border Trading, they need a system to cap the quotas of each region and a central monitoring system for the entire region
  • The organization works with various sales channels with different types of rebates and discounts. There are various factors which determine the rebates for a particular country. They need a system to manage this and have a governance around it.
  • The solution created patient-based forecast models by therapeutic area and developed market share uptake simulator using Scenario Planning and Statistical Forecasting Techniques.
  • Consolidation of sales planning and price-volume analysis with production planning considering inventory and distribution constraints enabled them to review feasibility of the connected plan at country and global levels.
  • The supply chain solution enabled a central governance of how much each region can sell
  • The local rebate system enables the users to input the various parameters that decide how much rebates are provided each month.
  • Enabled cross-country comparisons
  • Aligned supply chain forecast with commercial & financial forecast
  • Promoted Finance, Commercial, Supply Chain and IT working as one.
  • Enabled easy integration of other IT infrastructure components such as SAP FIT B/W, Amazon Data Lake, CDE Data, Qliksense for analysis and action
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