A Global Insurance Company

Revenue: USD 10 Million
  • Highly manual and time-consuming Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting process
  • Disconnected information between Sales, Operations and HR
  • Inaccurate reporting on Actuals
  • Assumptions driven and Driver based planning was difficult to model in Excel for complex products, partners and channels mix.
  • Solution unifies Sales, Operational Costs and HR cost models
  • Enables planners to quickly input sales assumptions by product mix, channel and partner combination
  • Enables maintaining long range and short-term forecasts by quarter and by month, that is also updated monthly with Actual data
  • Accurate computation of cost allocation per deal considering different cost types and accrual accounting principles.
  • Simplified and unified planning, forecasting and reporting process
  • Fewer occurrence of manual error while assembling data from multiple Excel sheets from multiple sources.
  • Improved cost modelling and gross margin analysis