A Leading Audio-Visual Manufacturer

Over 6300 retail stores worldwide
Vendors and online retailers for
distribution & reselling
  • This customer has more than 6000 retail stores worldwide and also sells through online retailers and channels.
  • They lacked visibility to what was selling through the stores and channels. Without proper visibility to store forecasts, it was difficult to forecast component-level demand and ensure adequate supply coverage. This often resulted in expedite costs or excess inventories across location.
  • The solution enabled sell-through forecasting and store level planning. Improved channel planning helped them create a Consensus Demand Plan which was shared with their supply teams.
  • Accurate demand plans improved downstream processes like Bill of Material Planning at multiple Levels, Material Requirement Planning, Procurement Planning and Supplier Coverage and Cost Planning for materials.
  • Improved quality of forecasts across stores and channels improved demand planning.
  • Detailed level Bills of Material Planning ensured no critical components were missed
  • Accurate component plan helped gain supply coverage visibility and improved cost and lead time negotiations with suppliers.
  • Overall, the solution reduced costs of inventory and helped deliver configured products at store levels without compromising on fill rates.