Creating Responsive plans using S&OP

The Summary:

As we Know Supply Chains are showing extreme volatility and stress during the current times. The leaders are questioning the usefulness of traditional methods of planning and execution and are looking for better processes and tools to stay in control. A careful investigation of their situation reveals the following needs:

  1. Visibility of up-to-date and connected supply chain information
  2. Understanding the impact of change on business performance objectives
  3. Decision support on how to respond to emerging situations

Supply Chain organizations must connect and align their business processes and information systems. Implementing an EPM-powered Sales and Operations Planning process can give them a big advantage.

As part of this live webinar, we will address common questions raised in an S&OP meeting:

  • What is causing my large inventory fluctuations?
  • My backlog is continuously growing. What is the root cause?
  • If I see large changes in plans from month to month. Should I be concerned…? & More