Creating a Clearer Lens to your Supplier Risk

The Summary:

Keansa participated in the “Supply Chain Risk Asia” Event Hosted by Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC)

Our S&OP expert Sarbajit Sen discussed the need for “CREATING A CLEARER LENS TO YOUR SUPPLIER RISK” after the turmoil faced in recent years.

In this webinar, we reviewed some of the Supply Chain rules that we are currently using.

We examined their validity in today’s world. We also talked about

  • Importance of collecting Supplier data beyond your direct supplier, deeper into your supply network
  • Getting to know your supplier’s suppliers
  • Importance of digitalizing your supplier master list
  • Segmentation of Suppliers to identify low, medium, and high-risk suppliers based on internal and external intelligence
  • Risks of sole source and single source suppliers
  • Practical frameworks for evaluating, prioritizing, and managing high-risk supplies, used by global companies